Mr. Swanson began a distinguished career as an entrepreneur focusing on arbitrage opportunities in emerging markets and venture capital.

In 2008, Swanson brokered several large energy transactions in Asia and later acquired over 9000 hectares of mining concessions. As a distinguished guest of the Chairman for the 2013 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (“APEC”) Summit, Mr. Swanson participated in the inter-governmental forum for 21 member economies in the Pacific Rim that promotes free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
Since then, Mr. Swanson has been involved as a public company director for more than 15 years, having publicly listed his first public company in 2006. In 2009, Swanson led the acquisition of Blackline GPS, Inc. which later became Blackline Safety, in a merger with a publicly listed acquisition company founded by Mr. Swanson, called Picasso, Inc.. Mr. Swanson served as co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer during his decade long tenure with Blackline. Under his leadership, the company achieved a market capitalization of approximately $500 million and remains a stand-out in the field of innovation and manufactured technology products. Today, Blackline employs over 500 people and has offices in Canada, United States, France, UK and the UAE. (see

In 2018, Swanson served as Vice Chairman of Flavocure Biotech, Inc., a company focused on small molecule drug development. In 2021, the company submitted an application for an investigational new drug (“IND”) to the FDA for human clinical trials undertaken by John’s Hopkins University Hospital in collaboration with Harvard Medical School.

In 2020, Mr. Swanson embarked and executed a a strategy that constituted the formation of one of the largest digital bitcoin mining operations in the world.


Massive North American Bitcoin Mining Operator Blockcap Announces C-Level Management Team, Key Directors

Mr. Swanson was instrumental in the formation of what would be among the largest collections of hashing power in North America.  In 2021, as start-up President, Chief Executive Officer, and Vice Chairman of Blockcap, Inc. Swanson shaped  the executive team and mentored  the company’s explosive growth.

North American Bitcoin Miner Blockcap Makes Major Hardware Acquisition to Boost Hashing Power

In 2021, the company announced its acquisition for $1.46 billion as part of a three corner amalgamation with Core Scientific, Inc. and a Blackrock backed SPAC called, Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp, for a combined value of $4.3 billion USD.

Bitcoin Miner Core Scientific To Go Public In $4 Billion Deal As U.S. Crypto Mining Surges Amid China Crackdown

Core Scientific, one of the largest cryptocurrency miners in the United States, announced Wednesday it plans to list on the Nasdaq exchange in a deal that values the four-year-old company at $4.3 billion—the latest sign the nation’s growing prominence as a bitcoin mining hub should only rise as longtime market leader China continues cracking down on the space.