Philanthropy and Community Outreach

As an active philanthropist, Mr. Swanson has dedicated much of his time and resources to finding a cure for cancer. In 2018, Swanson formed Flavocure Biotech, Inc., a team of scientific advisors and scientists under the research banner of Harvard Medical School. Mr. Swanson’s contribution led to the application for an Investigational New Drug (“IND”) with the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). Human clinical trials are anticipated to commence in 2023 under the stewardship of Johns Hopkins University and Dana Faber Cancer Institute at Harvard University. During his tenure as Vice Chairman, Mr. Swanson used a community-based outreach approach to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer and worked in close collaboration with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (“PANCAN”), the largest non-profit pancreatic cancer network in the United States.

During the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, Swanson led the formation of a virology company directed to enhance therapies using flavonoid based drugs. The backbone of the company was based on a patent co-authored by Mr. Swanson, titled, NS2B/NS3 protease and PI 4-KINASE inhibitors for the treatment of Covid 19 and influenza viruses using nanoparticulate biomaterials.

Mr. Swanson has also received special recognition and accommodations from Autism Speaks® and the American Red Cross ® for his contributions to these charities.

A State in NEED…

His most recent philanthropic efforts have been focused on the local Nevada community.    As the Founder & Chairman for the Nevada Educational Enrichment Directive (“NEED”),  Mr. Swanson has taken a hands-on approach to improving the educational attainment and school quality in Nevada.  The State currently ranks 49 out of 50 in education, narrowly edging out last-place Oklahoma.  Nevada also ranked 46th in school systems which measured student access, school quality, and student safety.  Under this initiative, Mr. Swanson is bringing together leaders of state and municipalities, nationally recognized educators and business leaders.  NEED’s objective is to form bipartisan recommendations and help develop policy that will reshape Nevada public schools for the better.

Autism Speaks Charity Fundraiser